Rossura Parish Registers 

from 1661 are currently being transcribed and cross referenced against family books that exist for the village. The process is very slow as the documents are difficult to read. Rossura is situated between Faido and Calpiogna/Campello and when Fontanedo was abandoned some families moved to Rossura whilst others went to Campello.

The data is being merged into the main Diviani database and a copy of the transcript has already been lodged with L’Archivio Cantonale, The Comune of Rossura and the Society of Genealogists in London. 

There appears to be a derivative of the name of Diviani in Rossura, in the early registers the name is shown as Diviani but then changes to Diani. All incidences of Diani are also being researched and recorded. 

This project will complete many families and the descendancy for some of the females of the Diviani and Brentini families who married men from the Rossura parish. 


    January 2014
Transcripts of family information for Calpiogna, Faido, Mairengo,  Rossura, Chigiogna  & Calonico started.            
Rossura Parish Register transcriptions still in progress    
    January 2013
Transcript of Calpiogna Comune book (from images extracted in Summer 2011) completed and family database updated.


    Summer 2011:-
317 images of Calpiogna & Campello Comune book containing details of families, individuals, dates of birth, marriage and death taken at L'Archivio Cantonale, Bellinzona, Switzerland

    Spring 2010:- 
Meuse (France) records now on-line. Three brothers Giuseppe, Giacomo and Pierre Diviani (Diviany/Deviany) all born in Switzerland between 1773-1785 marry local women in Fresne-en-Woevre or Deuxnouds- Aux- Bois (France) between 1808 and 1819. 

    Summer 2009:-
 Passenger lists for SS Demosthenes "Miss Lily Diviani, shop assistant, age 33" and "Mr John Diviani age 69" departing from UK for Australia on 5 March 1920.